Pincushion Hill Climb



When: 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Packet/bib pickup will be on race day, please arrive early.

Where: S. Finegold Picnic Area Friant, CA – Located at the end of Sky Harbor Road.

1 mile uphill run, starting at the San Joaquin River Trailhead and finishing at the top of Pincushion Mountain. Runners will not start at the same time, this is single track trail, they will start 3 at a time staggered 5-10seconds apart. Results will be based on chip timing, fastest time wins! Open to all ages 12 and up! We've also created a team category for the Pincushion Hill Climb. Teams can be from 3-5 people and the top 3 times from your team will determine your result. Get your friends to join in on the fun, come up with a cool team name and maybe even coordinate your running gear for the race. Team runners will still be eligible for overall and or age group awards, plus the Team award.

A new event has been added, Pincushion Hill Climb: Mountain Goat Edition! The Mountain Goat race is for those who like to go the extra mile or miles. Your first run up will be timed and scored for the regular event then you have until 12pm (4hrs total) to complete as many trips up to Pincushion Peak as possible. Your first trip down you must take the long way (just over 1.5 miles) after that you may descend the same route you take to the top. You must complete at least 2 trips to the top in order to be considered a Mountain Goat. You will receive a special finishers award and the top Male & Female runners will receive an additional award.